Our selling policy is strictly wholesale to the trade only. That means we are a business that sells only to other businesses in our related field.

This brings up an interesting, if not difficult question: What defines a business?

Webster’s Dictionary defines a business as "employment; profession; vocation; any occupation for a livelihood". We agree with that definition and that is what you must be in order to qualify for wholesale pricing with us.

To see if you qualify, please submit the following documents via email or fax: 713-462-3646:

  • Wholesale Business Profile Application — Download PDF
  • Evidence indicating your involvement in a professional business. Valid examples: business card, letterhead, business phone listing, website, and business checks.

Wholesale applications are reviewed within 2–3 business days of receipt. You may be requested to provide additional information in order to receive a Wholesale Approval Account.
NOTE: The Hollander Group reserves the right to deny or revoke wholesale account status as deemed necessary.

Subsequent levels and pricing are as follows:

Opening orders of $600 will begin at Level 1 pricing. Additional savings are rewarded with increasingly better pricing based on your annual purchases. There are no opening minimum requirements for schools. A minimum of $1,000 in annual purchases is required to maintain an active wholesale account. Failure to maintain this level will necessitate re-application. All FedEx/UPS and walk-in orders require a $75 minimum purchase. You may apply for a Net 30–Day Open Credit Account. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing. Interest will be charged on open accounts with any balances past 30 days at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% APR). Hollander accepts cash, checks and major credit cards. A $30 service fee will be charged for all NSF checks.


When your minimum annual purchase is $6,000
you will advance to Level 2 pricing on each and every purchase.
(minimum order required)


When your minimum annual purchase is $18,000
you will advance to Level 3 pricing on each and every purchase.
(minimum order required)


When your minimum annual purchase is $24,000
you will receive:

  • Absolute best pricing available on every purchase!
  • No boxing or pallet charges on truck shipments of $5,000 ot more
  • An additional 5% DISCOUNT on periodic specials

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