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Glassline 5" x 5" Paper Kit

Glassline 5" x 5" Paper Kit

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Glassline Paper is fusible colored paper that is designed to be fired between layers of glass. It may be used with any COE of glass. The Glassline Paper can be cut with scissors, a razor knife or simply torn to achieve a ragged edge. Intricate designs are easy to achieve with this product. Glassline Pens may be used in conjunction with the Glassline Paper for highlights and outlining. The pens may be used to draw directly on the paper and or draw on the sheet of glass that is covering the paper. This kit contains fifteen 5"x5" sheets of paper, one each of five colors, Emerald, Peacock, Suede, Violet, and Wisteria in the three Stone Styles, Granite, Sandstone, and Marble.

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