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DB-ADP DropOn™ Adapter

DB-ADP DropOn™ Adapter

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The DropOn™ Bit System makes changing between diamond grinding bit sizes or grits quick and easy and are more economical to own than standard grinding bits.
Key Features:

• The DropOn™ adapter is made with a "keyway" on the outer diameter into which the sleeve "keybar" fits. The two parts interlock while the grinder is on and easily separate when the motor is turned off.

•It's easy to change bit or grit types as needed and it's fast: no tools required!

• DropOn Bits can be used with virtually all brands of grinder that accept a WB-1 or WB-9 head.

• The DropOn Adapter comes package with a tube of MotorShaft Lubricant, required for proper operation.

• Brass cores are manufactured on "Swiss precision" screw machines for consistent and accurate tolerances.

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