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1/2" Kaowool® Board 24" x 36"

1/2" Kaowool® Board 24" x 36"

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Kaowool Organic Boards are a family of rigid, self-supporting, high-temperature refractory ceramic fibre insulating board.

Kaowool® classification temperature of 1260°C (2300°F)

• Rigid, yet lightweight, hot face insulation
• Resistant to particulate and hot gas erosion
• Engineered formulations for high strength and temperature resistance
• Low thermal conductivity and heat storage
• Highly resistant to thermal shock
• Resists most chemical attacks
• Non-wetting to molten aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
• Easy to cut, handle and install
• Up to 50% reduction in furnace lining thickness, as compared to firebrick and castable


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